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Twins matched by age as well as expertise

ICM has received three representatives from the newest Twin-to-Twin project by the Dutch Midwives Association (KNOV) and the Moroccan Midwives Association (AMSF). Hilde Perdok, Touria Harrizi and Malika Dibhiri came to meet staff at ICM headquarters and talk about their newly launched twin-to-twin project.

“We had three countries that were interested to conduct a twin-to-twin with us”, said Hilde Perdok, twin coordinator at the Dutch midwives association KNOV. To find the best candidate, KNOV analyzed the in-country situations using the MACAT and found the best match with AMSF. Drawing from the twinning experience KNOV had with the midwives association in Sierra Leone (SLMA), this new project will twin midwives by their area of expertise and also by age. For example, a young midwife is twinned with another young midwife and a researcher will be twinned with a researcher. 

The project just started and will last until 2016. The first workshop took place on Monday 24th of June 2013 discussing expectations and finding ways on how to reach the goals each association is hoping to achieve with this project. One goal of this new twin-to-tin initiative is that each pair will go to the ICM Triennial Congress in Prague in 2014 where they will meet their twin face-to-face. After the congress, every three months 10 twins will travel to meet their twins for a few days and learn about their counterpart’s work in her country. With this system each pair of twins will have met face-to face twice, once in each country. “We are hoping that this close exchange will help the collaboration and make the twinning even more successful”, says Hilde.

One of the challenges the Moroccan association hopes to tackle is recognition: “The profession of midwifery is not very well recognized in Morocco and we also don’t have regulation by our government”, says Touria Harrizi. As the treasurer of the Moroccan association Touria hopes that the twinning project will help strengthen midwifery in Morocco, that individual midwives will participate in the congress and other conferences on an international level, and that they will learn from the extensive clinical and technical experience midwives in the Netherlands have. Moroccan twin-coordinator Malika Dibhiri also hopes that through the twinning initiative the profession will be enhanced, the structure of the association improved and the representation within the population further developed.

“We are hoping to learn from our Moroccan twin sisters a lot about their culture, care and midwifery profession and are eager to apply this newly gained knowledge in the care of the many Moroccan clients we have here in the Netherlands”, says Hilde. Both Twins are very excited to start the project and achieve the goals set.

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