Member Benefits

As an ICM member association, you have access to many exclusive benefits. These include professional development, networking, leadership opportunities, advocacy support, funding, and more. Learn how these benefits can grow your knowledge, advance midwifery, and change policies.

If you have any questions related to ICM membership, contact the Membership Team at [email protected]

Professional Development

Learn, train and improve your skills

Attend ICM’s Professional Development Events

ICM Congress, regional conferences, webinars and workshops are available to ICM members. These events are opportunities for professional development, networking, learning, and growth.

Refine your skills on ICM’s E-Learning Platform

Developed for MAs, the ICM E-Learning platform hosts a set of interactive, online resources and E-Learning modules. These can be used by midwives, midwives’ associations, midwife educators, and regulatory bodies. The E-Learning platform enables you to build valuable skills to advance your career and midwifery.

Become a candidate for ICM’s Young Midwife Leaders (YML) Programme (Currently not receiving applications)

The YML programme is open to young members of MAs. The YML programme is recognised for educating ambitious professional leaders with the skills to advance midwifery locally and globally.

Represent your region on ICM’s Regional Professional Committee

As a member of an MA, you may apply to serve on ICM’s Regional Professional Committees (RPC). The RPCs support ICM to strengthen midwifery by building networks between educators, regulators, researchers, emerging leaders and MAs within each region.

Gain access to scholarships to support attendance at congresses and conferences

Depending on application criteria and available funding, members of MAs may access scholarships to help fund participation at global and regional congresses and conferences.

Leadership Opportunities

Develop as a midwifery trailblazer

Contribute to high-level policy discussions at the TRIAD meeting

The annual TRIAD Meeting, hosted by the World Health Organization, the International Council of Nurses and ICM, hears key issues from nursing & midwifery leaders. As a member of an ICM MA, you may be chosen to speak at the meeting on behalf of your association and influence decision makers’ policy actions.

Shape the global, strategic direction of midwifery as a member of ICM Council

Every MA has a representative on ICM’s governing body, the ICM Council. ICM Council members identify strategically important topics for ICM, advise and contribute to the development of ICM’s strategy, position statements and policy guidance. They also vote in ICM Board elections.

Contribute to global research and policy development

MAs benefit from the accelerated opportunity to inform global research and practice. MAs also participate in, subject-specific working groups that influence governments and partner organisations to better support midwives and midwifery services.

Access to Support

Lean on us as you grow

Benefit from ICM advocacy support

ICM supports MAs advocacy strengthening by delivering advocacy workshops and trainings. We also advocate on behalf of MAs by writing letters of support to national authorities, and through attending and speaking at MA events and advocacy meetings. ICM is a valuable connector between MAs and relevant regional and global partners. (These support methods depend on context, available funding, and capacity).

Receive support from ICM’s Regional Professional Committees

Connect with experts in your region regarding midwifery education, regulation, research and leadership.


Stand out on a global scale

Benefit from ICM’s long standing, global reputation

Benefit from your association’s affiliation with ICM, a 100-year-old member association, partnering with key global actors and representing over 1 million midwives worldwide.

Receive a Membership Certificate

Once you pay your annual membership fees, ICM will forward you your Membership Certificate, showcasing physical proof of your association’s affiliation with ICM’s credible reputation. 

Use the ICM Member logo to showcase your affiliation with ICM

MAs may use the ICM Member Logo to increase their status and recognition and highlight their involvement in the Confederation and their commitment to uphold the vision and mission of ICM. This benefit helps MAs establish credibility of their resources, documents and events, and helps legitimise the work of MAs in the eyes of prospective and current funders. 

Become an ICM Congress Host Country

As an ICM member association, your country is eligible to host ICM Congresses or Regional Conferences. This benefit is an opportunity to highlight the important contributions that your country’s MAs make to the profession. Hosting a Congress or a Regional Conference also helps attract new funding and partnership opportunities for local MAs.  

Invite ICM Board Members and Representatives as speakers at your association events

MAs reserve the right to benefit from the presence and contributions of ICM Board Members and representatives at their association’s virtual events. Depending on  ICM representatives’ availability, this benefit aims to bring credibility and expertise to MAs’ public affairs. 

Amplify your association news on ICM’s global networks

Use the forms to share your events or story submission to share your challenges, statements, news, accomplishments and articles with ICM head office, and we will make sure they are visible on our website and social media platforms and receive the recognition they deserve. 

Have your association featured on ICM’s Global Midwives’ Associations Map

MAs are listed and geocoded on the ICM Global Midwives’ Associations Map and will have the opportunity to populate the map with their own data on midwifery, association, education, leadership and regulation.


Grow and develop through community connection

Become a member of ICM’s global community of midwives

ICM’s global community of midwives connects regularly on a wide variety of web-based, collaborative environments such as congresses, regional conferences, virtual meetings, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Members are able to build relationships with midwives in their region and all over the world to share interests, challenges or best practices and to conduct community activities.

Access to Funding

Receive direct financial support and access sponsorship programmes for your association

Participate in ICM-funded projects

ICM works with MAs, and in partnership with many international organisations, UN Agencies, NGOs, institutions and governments, to strengthen midwifery through collaborative projects that generate funding and other resources for project partners. ICM projects benefit from the support of various funders including multilateral and bilateral donor organisations, UN Agencies, NGOs and philanthropic organisations.

Access funding support in humanitarian emergencies

ICM provides funding to MAs who are operating in conflict, natural disasters or other humanitarian crises. The aim of this initiative is to provide MAs with critical and timely funding to ensure the life-saving work of midwives is accessible when community members need it most. This funding depends on grant application criteria and availability of funds.

Being a member of ICM gives us a first hand opportunity to participate in decisions surrounding midwifery. Membership has allowed us to work with MAs in other countries and helped us gather information from other countries and see how to best adapt them to our country.

— Ghana Registered Midwives Association

Apply to become a member of ICM

Take advantage of ICM membership benefits to enhance the knowledge of your association and your members, advance the midwifery profession, and champion evidence in public policy. ICM’s member associations pay annual membership fees, which we use to strengthen, support and advocate for midwives and midwifery globally.