Strategy & Reports

The ICM’s triennial strategy looks forward, building on our strengths and successes while proactively shaping the future of the midwifery profession. Recalibrating our approach every three years is not just a practice but a commitment to staying relevant and innovative. Every year, we report on our progress through our annual reports, an essential tool to celebrate wins and measure the resonance of our strategy in an ever-shifting landscape.

Our Strategic Plan

The overarching goal of the strategic plan over the next three years is to position ICM as an expert in creating, advising, influencing, and enabling the profession of midwifery globally. In support of that goal, the following three areas have been identified as key strategic priorities for ICM for 2021-2023:

  1. Drive innovation and sustainability for the future of midwifery
  2. Develop, strengthen, and support the rollout of a new professional framework for midwifery
  3. Foster a movement for midwifery, enabling and strengthening partnerships, advocacy, and communications for midwifery, with women’s voices at the centre

As separate entities, these three priorities deliver on key areas of interest for ICM’s growth, while as a collective, they serve to pave the way for a stronger, more sustainable, and impactful ICM.

Our Annual Reports

ICM’s annual reports provide an overview of the main activities undertaken during the year, offering a comprehensive glimpse into our successes, challenges and progress towards achieving the goals in our triennial strategy. 

Our Triennial Report

Our triennial reports serve as reflective documents, offering an insightful perspective on the progress made to achieve that triennium’s strategic directions.