ICM Welcomes Sandra Oyarzo Torres as Its New President

9 June 2023

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) is thrilled to announce that Sandra Oyarzo Torres has been elected as new President of ICM for the 2023-26 triennium, following the Council vote on 09 June 2023 at the ICM Council Meeting in Bali. Sandra’s presidential tenure will commence following the closing ceremony of ICM’s 33rd Triennial Congress on 14 June.

Current ICM President Dr. Franka Cadée has shown exemplary leadership and dedication during her tenure as President of ICM. Her commitment to advancing the profession of midwifery and her efforts to strengthen ICM’s operations, relationships with partners, and global reputation have made a significant impact. As her term concludes, we express our deep appreciation for Dr. Cadée’s invaluable contributions in improving ICM’s stability, sustainability, and global standing. We extend our sincere gratitude to her for her unwavering commitment and wish her continued success in her future endeavors.

Sandra Oyarzo Torres is an experienced midwife from Chile with 30 years of career experience. She is currently based in Santiago and teaches midwifery at the University of Chile. Sandra is also part of the Department of Health Education at the Phillips of Medicine University of Chile. She has been actively involved with the Chile Midwives Association since 2007, serving in various roles including secretary, vice president, and president.

In 2014, Sandra became an ICM representative for Latin America and served for two terms until 2020. She then became the Vice President of the ICM, collaborating with midwives worldwide. Sandra’s vision for the ICM revolves around advancing the profession and promoting gender equality and equal access to healthcare. She emphasizes the ICM’s role in supporting midwives and their associations, and envisions a sustainable organization that implements compassionate teamwork models.

With her extensive governance experience in the ICM and other boards, Sandra brings valuable expertise to the Board as President. She is known for her inclusive and respectful approach, working harmoniously in team atmospheres. Advocacy is important to Sandra, as she aims to inspire and empower others, promoting transversal leadership in midwifery. Sandra Oyazor Torres is a dedicated advocate for midwives globally, committed to advancing the profession and improving the well-being of women and gender-diverse people and their communities.

“I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to be appointed President of ICM,” said Sandra. “Let’s keep women, midwives, and midwifery at the centre of our focus. Let’s stand together to achieve the best quality of reproductive and neonatal care, so we do not lose any women or newborns at the most special time in life, which is birth.”

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