Call for Expressions of Interest – Regional Professional Committees

16 February 2022


The purpose of the Regional Professional Committees is to support ICM to strengthen the midwifery profession regionally and globally and in alignment with the ICM Professional Framework. As operational committees, the Regional Professional Committees will help to build positive working relationships and networks between midwife educators, midwife regulators, midwife researchers, emerging leaders and Midwives Associations (MAs) within regions. The Regional Professional Committees will help communicate and implement ICM’s work plans for strengthening midwifery education, regulation, research, and practice across and between ICM’s six regions. The Committees report to the Chief Executive. 

The Terms of Reference are attached. Please read to ensure that you are aware of the scope of work, roles and responsibilities, term of appointment, procedures and resources. Participation is voluntary. 


Each Regional Professional Committee is comprised of 10 members: 

  • Two midwife educators, two midwife regulators, two midwife researchers, and two practising midwives, and one emerging midwife leader, ensuring regional diversity. 
  • A maximum of one midwife from any one country can be appointed to the Committee. 
  • One member of the Head Office Regional Team will join each committee as a full member, bringing the total to ten. 

Membership eligibility 

Each member of each Regional Professional Committee must: 

  • Be a midwife who is a member of an ICM Member Association. 
  • Be a midwife educator, midwife regulator, midwife researcher, midwife practitioner, or emerging midwife leader with relevant and proven expertise in their field 
  • Be able to communicate effectively in the ICM language dominant in the region (French, Spanish, or English), and where there is more than one dominant ICM language (e.g. French and English or Spanish and English), at least 1/3 of members are also able to speak and read English. 
  • Have access to the internet and be able to communicate electronically. 
  • Prepare for and attend meetings regularly. 
  • Commit to actively participate in the work of the Committee. 

Read the Terms of Reference and submit your Expression of Interest.