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Zambia’s Path to Improved Maternal Services Through Midwifery Services

5 January 2024

In a visit to Zambia in October, ICM collaborated with the Zambian Ministry of Health (MoH), the Midwifery Association of Zambia (MAZ), and key stakeholders to ensure the continuation of the initiative to advance midwifery-led models of care, providing effective, efficient, and desirable healthcare services. This work is the culmination of the implementation of the Midwifery Services Framework (MSF), with the goal of integrating midwifery into national strategies. Since 2022, MSF has achieved significant milestones, such as including midwifery priorities in the National Health Strategic Plan (NHSP) and creating the first National Nurse and Midwife Strategic Plan. This represents great progress in reinforcing midwifery leadership, education, regulation, and maternity health services. 

During the October visit, we transitioned project responsibilities fully to MAZ. We are proud to say they are prepared to take this work forward, and we expect their success. 

It is important to acknowledge the Zambian government’s commitment to integrating midwife-led care into the national strategic plan. We look forward to Zambia’s continued progress in elevating midwifery services and express our commitment to supporting MAZ’s growth, strengthening associations, reinforcing governance structures, and further bolstering Zambia’s efforts to achieve improved maternal and newborn healthcare outcomes.