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YML Opens Hospital Cafeteria to Raise Funds for Women’s Shelter

4 November 2020

ICM Young Midwife Leader, Bartholomew Kamlewe is one step closer to making it easier for pregnant women in rural Zambia to safely give birth.  

As part of his work through ICM’s YML programme, Bartholomew has committed to developing a sustainable way of renovating and maintaining a mother’s shelter at Zambia’s Katondwe Hospital where he works. His plan? To build a cafeteria serving affordable meals to hospital staff, patients and family members with the proceeds going toward the construction of mother’s shelter. Pregnant women in the surrounding area are often required to travel long distances before reaching the Katondwe Hospital — this mother’s shelter would reduce delays in accessing health services by providing women in their third trimesters with a safe place to stay prior to giving birth.  
We’re thrilled to announce the Luangwa Inn Cafeteria officially opened on October 23rd to resounding excitement from midwives, health officials and community members alike. Congratulations to Bartholomew for spearheading this wonderful achievement!  

Click here to learn more about this project and the various ways in which the new cafeteria aims to contribute to improved health outcomes within the community.