Vacancy: Regional Advocacy and Community Coordinators Africa and South-East Asia Regions

17 January 2022

The PUSH campaign will accelerate progress on reducing maternal and neonatal mortality, advance sexual and reproductive healthcare and rights (SRHR), address key barriers to women’s leadership in the global health workforce, and shift underlying gender norms that undervalue women’s rights, lives and work.

The campaign ASKS came out of an iterative consultation process that included midwives and key stakeholder from across sectors and regions who collectively agreed these asks were fundamental to achieving the overarching goal. To advance these goals, the campaign seeks to engage two regional campaign coordinators from countries within the Africa and South-East Asia regions in order to advance phase 1 of the PUSH campaign.

To achieve these goals the campaign will take a three pronged approach:

  1. Funding: Connecting new and unexpected allies and donors, crowding in new voices and funding and establishing new partnerships to drive progress.
  2. Communications: Launch a global communications effort to challenge gender norms and shift perceptions of midwives and their role in saving lives and protecting women’s rights.
  3. In-country Advocacy: Create multi-stakeholder action coalitions in key countries – centering midwives as activists for women’s rights and health – and that build on existing efforts where possible, and deliver tangible, concrete policy and funding wins. This work will include targeted communications in a number of markets to support policy and technical advocacy.

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) currently hosts the PUSH campaign. ICM is an accredited non-governmental organisation representing midwives and midwifery to organisations worldwide to achieve common goals in the care of mothers and newborns. ICM supports, represents and works to strengthen professional associations of midwives throughout the world. There are currently more than 140 Members Associations, representing 120 countries across every continent.

Read the full Request for Proposals.