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Update from the Americas Regional Professional Committee

5 December 2023

The Americas RPC recently conducted a highly productive meeting in November, during which members shared crucial updates on regional issues, discussed their respective RPC roles, and outlined collective goals. Moving forward, our focus areas include empowering and recognizing midwives, developing leadership and management roles, fostering interprofessional collaboration, and increasing the number of midwives. 

To enhance coordination, the Americas RPC is implementing a structured approach with monthly meetings and an online shared drive for members to exchange ideas and contribute relevant content. Currently, our dynamic group comprises over 22 midwifery associations from across the Americas. 

Looking ahead, we anticipate a year filled with the realisation of essential initiatives. We encourage midwives from the Americas region to actively participate in our collaborative efforts. 

For any inquiries or comments, midwives from the Americas can contact Deepali Upadhyaya by email, [email protected]. 

We are excited about the impactful work that lies ahead and appreciate the continued commitment of our members to the success of the Americas RPC.