The theme for SheDecides Day 2020 is #NewNormal.   

25 February 2020

SheDecides Day 2020 is on 2 March! 

Excitement is building all over the world and the most amazing plans are falling into place. Friends of SheDecides have already begun to share some of the exciting activities and events that they have planned – and now you can too. 

What is SheDecides Day 

SheDecides Day takes place annually on 2 March. This is the date the global movement became a reality at the first big pledging conference in 2017.   

SheDecides Day is a day of action, when a huge variety of activities take place all over the world. It is an opportunity to demonstrate individual and collective commitment to the rights of all women and girls to have control over their bodies, their lives and their future. Without question.  

Creating a #NewNormal  

The theme for SheDecides Day 2020 is #NewNormal.   

The #NewNormal is a world where SheDecides whether, when and with whom, to have sex, to fall in love, to marry, to have children. Where she is free from violence, from pressure, from harm, judgement or fear.

What does a #NewNormal mean to you? What would it look like? What do we need to do to create a #NewNormal? We want to hear your views and voices this SheDecides Day.    

Stand Up and Speak Out 

Time to Stand Up and Speak Out. No matter how big or small, SheDecides Friends and allies will be standing together with her so she can make the decisions only she should make.

This could include hosting an Open Mic exploring what a #NewNomal means to your community, writing to your Member of Parliament, asking your friends to sign the SheDecides Manifesto, hosting an event or posting on social media on SheDecides Day by tagging #SheDecidesDay.  

Read the SheDecides Day Toolkit which is packed full of ideas and tips for how to get involved. 

Log your event  

Check out the SheDecides Day event registration page to upload information about your event, wherever you are. Your event will then show up on this interactivemap which will help others find out what’s happening near them.   

Need some ideas? Download the SheDecides Day Toolkit 

Your brand new SheDecides Day Toolkit for 2020 is ready to use! 

This toolkit is intended to inspire and support you to create, plan and participate in SheDecides Day.  

Check out the SheDecides Day page for a bunch of other useful materials for your planning. And don’t forget to go to the SheDecides Tools and Assets page for all the printable materials you might need.  

If you need any help with these materials, please contact [email protected] 
Good luck with everything you are planning, and here’s to an amazing SheDecides Day 2020! 

Naisola Likimani

SheDecides Support Unit