Sandra Oyarzo Torres 


Sandra Oyarzo Torres was elected to be ICM’s President in June 2023. She has previously held the role of ICM Vice-President (2020-2023) as well as Regional Board Member from Latin America (2014-2020). As the ICM President, Sandra is responsible for the overall leadership and governance of the Confederation. The President leads the Board to perform its duties and support effective relationships with the Chief Executive and the Head Office. The President acts as a spokesperson for ICM in strategic global partnerships and at global meetings and events.

Sandra Oyarzo Torres has worked as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Chile since 1998. She has taught across the five-year degree curriculum of the Midwifery School and currently teaches post graduate students at the Department of Education in Health Sciences. Since 2022, Sandra has held the position of Director of Student Affairs at the Faculty of Medicine.

Sandra is a Registered Midwife and holds a Master of Education in Health Sciences. She is also a Master Trainer of Competency Based Education.

In 2019, Sandra was elected a Heroine of Health by Women in Global Health (WGH) and WHO and co-founded the first WGH chapter in Latin America. During 2020 she became a WGH Board Member advocating for strengthening the leadership of midwives and women at decision- level in health care.

Based in: Chile
Midwives’ Association: Chilean Midwives’ Association
Languages: Spanish, English