Samara Ferrara Belart

Regional Board Member - Americas

Samara Ferrara Belart was elected as Americas Region Board Member in June 2023. As a Regional Board Member, Samara is responsible for sharing experiences from her region and steering the Board in meeting its strategic and governance responsibilities together with the other Board members. The Regional Board Member is a spokesperson for ICM in regional strategic partnerships and at national meetings and events for ICM’s member associations in the region.  

Samara currently works as a professional home birth midwife in Mexico. Samara is a certified Blissborn Hipnosis Childbirth Educator who also teaches sexual education classes. From 2021-22 Samara worked at the Public Hospital for Maternal Infant of High Specialty in Nuevo León, México. 

Samara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Reproductive Health and Midwifery from the Florencia Nightingale School, México. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Texas A&M University, USA.  

Samara was part of ICM’s Young Midwife Leader Programme (2016 cohort). Her project focused on strengthening midwifery in México. In 2017, Samara collaborated with the Population Council on a study mapping private care midwifery services México. She has attended midwifery conferences in Germany, Indonesia, Canada, Denmark, and spoken at events in Mexico and Paraguay. 

In 2018, Samara was sponsored to assist the Aspen Health Ideas Festival, was a panellist at the WHO Midwives Voices in Washington DC, and a speaker at the ICM Regional Conference in Paraguay.  

Samara is a mother to three amazing home-born human beings and is passionate about herbal medicine, body-mind connection, nature and biology. 

Based in: Mexico
Midwives’ Association: Professional Midwifery Association of Mexico
Languages: Spanish, English