Maulina Cahyaningrum

Office Manager

Maulina Cahyaningrum joined the ICM in 2022. As the Office Manager, Maulina is responsible for creating an office environment that not only reflects ICM values, but also a space of collaboration, creativity, and empowerment for ICM staff. She puts into practice her previous experience as a Project Associate to create structures and systems that seamlessly facilitate the different needs of ICM staff members.

Prior to joining ICM, Maulina contributed on various development projects in Indonesia. With extensive experience in project support, communications, social research, and stakeholder engagement, she worked at The World Bank and the Decentralization Support Facility.

Having spent most of her life in the busy metropolitan city of Jakarta, she is now enjoying a quiet life in the Netherlands, where she can pursue her secret passion of promoting Indonesian food to wider global audiences. Her colleagues are playing a key role as regular test subjects in her culinary experiments.

Based In: The Netherlands
Home Country: Indonesia
Languages: Bahasa Indonesia, English and Dutch