Mandy Forrester

Midwife Advisor - Regulation

Mandy Forrester joined ICM in 2021. As Midwife Advisor for Regulation, Mandy is responsible for midwifery regulation.

Prior to joining ICM, Mandy worked in the national maternity safety arena in the UK, focusing on improving outcomes for women and newborns. Contributing to numerous national initiatives, she led a collaborative safety programme aimed at improving clinical escalation and psychological safety in maternity teams. Mandy has also provided technical midwifery support in the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zambia. Her regulatory experience includes leading the Midwifery Committee that strategically planned midwifery regulation and registration for the Ministry of Health in the UAE. She also worked as a Midwifery Adviser at the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the UK, contributing to regulatory standards for the UK and Europe.

Mandy holds a recognised teaching qualification and an MA in Midwifery Practice. With diverse experience in clinical practice, regulation, maternity safety, education, management, and research, Mandy is passionate about midwifery and the role of the midwife as the lead facilitator of safe and healthy pregnancy and birth for all women.

Based In: UK
Home Country: England
Languages: English