Liselotte Kweekel

Midwife Advisor - Association Strengthening

Liselotte Kweekel joined ICM in 2021. As Midwife Advisor for Association Strengthening, Liselotte is responsible for supporting member associations with capacity building and fostering communication and collaboration among members across regions to strengthen the profession and build networks. She also supports member associations in humanitarian settings to become emergency prepared, resilient, and responsive.

Prior to joining ICM, Liselotte worked for over ten years as an independent midwife in the Netherlands. She served as the international policy advisor for the Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives and led several twinning projects internationally. Her experience extends beyond project development; she personally understands how to build strong professional communities through twinning.

Liselotte graduated as a midwife in 2009 in Rotterdam. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology from Leiden University and a Master’s degree in Medical Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Amsterdam.

Based In: The Netherlands
Home Country: The Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English