Jeffthanie Mathurin

Digital Communications Coordinator

Jeffthanie Mathurin joined ICM in 2023. As Digital Communications Coordinator, Jeffthanie is responsible for supporting the delivery of high-quality content across ICM’s digital channels. This content includes website updates, social media management, and corresponding analytical performance reporting.

Prior to joining ICM, Jeffthanie worked as a midwife for almost 5 years and has been serving as the Communication Officer of the Association of Haitian Midwives since 2021. Jeffthanie was also part of ICM’s Young Midwife Leaders programme, which enabled her to better advocate for midwifery and women’s health in her community.

She has always been passionate about the sexual and reproductive health of women in her country and is now excited to contribute to it on a global level.

Based In: Haiti
Home Country: Haiti
Languages: Haitian Creole, French, English