Position Statement

Partnership between Women and Midwives

Gender Equality and JEDI
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Midwifery is a profession that is based upon a partnership between women and midwives aiming to promote health outcomes. The ICM International Code of Ethics for Midwivesi urges Midwives to develop a partnership with individual women in which they is actively share information and support women in their right to actively participate in decisions about their and their newborns’ care. Midwives help to create an environment where women are free to speak for themselves on issues affecting their health and that of their families in their culture/society.  


ICM will take every opportunity to work with groups representing the interests of women at international, regional and national levels to achieve worldwide equitable reproductive health outcomes. All initiatives undertaken to aid the further development of the midwifery profession will be premised on:  

  • The health care needs of women and their newborns 
  • The involvement of women in the process of identification of those needs 
  • Encouraging midwives to proactively have women, as the consumers of midwifery care, participate in the activities directed at the provision of quality care 
  • Secure women-friendly services through midwives who value women’s self-governance and clinical guidelines 
  • Promote the adoption of practice guidelines supporting women’s informed choice and the importance obtaining consent for all aspects of care Recommendations Member Associations are urged to 
  • Use this statement for action in their own environment. 
  • Involve women in their activities 

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Adopted at Brisbane International Council meeting, 2005  

Revised at Toronto International Council meeting, 2017  

Due for next review 2023