International Day of the Midwife (IDM) 2024 Toolkit

Advocacy, Sustainability
Last Edited 11 April 2024 03:59 CEST

Why Celebrate IDM 2024?

This year’s theme is “Midwives: A Vital Climate Solution”. Climate change poses unprecedented challenges to health, especially for women and babies. As midwives, we play a pivotal role in reducing the effects of climate change. Our model of care is inherently sustainable, and by promoting continuity of midwife care, we can ensure healthier outcomes while using a sustainable, low-resource model of care.

What’s in the Toolkit?

Our IDM toolkit is packed with resources to help you celebrate and advocate. From ready-to-use social media messages to vibrant flyers and banners, we’ve got you covered. For the first time, our toolkit includes easily ditable graphics, allowing you to customise messages with your own translations and photos. Plus, we’re unveiling an official IDM badge for member associations and partners to proudly display.

Spread the Word!

Let’s make #IDM2024 memorable by sharing this toolkit far and wide. Whether you’re a midwife, advocate, or supporter, your involvement is crucial in showing that midwives are a vital climate solution.

Together, let’s advocate for investment, resources, and autonomy to integrate continuity of midwife care into health system planning for climate resilience. Join us in celebrating IDM and advocating for a healthier planet and more sustainable communities.

#MidwivesAndClimate #IDM2024