Guidelines on Establishing a Midwives’ Association

Last Edited 4 January 2024 14:43 CET
Midwife Juliya Akter is making the patients aware of pregnancy checkups and self-care. Her role involves monitoring the progress of labour, offering guidance, and facilitating a safe and positive birthing experience. She does routine examinations in the female ward and attends to newborn babies and mothers. Keraniganj Upazila Health Complex, Bangladesh.

It is possible for a group of midwives to join the International Confederation of Midwives either as:

  • a group, independent of any other association of health workers or
  • a group or section that has been formed within another larger association of health workers/nurses

What is required is for one or two midwives to call a meeting of interested midwives and, if agreed, to form a midwives’ association or section, to proceed to elect a small working group to draft a constitution or set of rules which are compatible with the requirements for membership of the International Confederation of Midwives.


  • the membership will consist of midwives recognised by the national governmental authority in the country as being competent to practise as midwives
  • clearly identifies the association or section will and can operate separately to manage its own affairs in matters pertaining to midwifery
  • a chairperson will be elected solely for the association/section, together with other officers such as vice-chairperson, secretary and treasurer
  • indicates the nature of the association/section and relationship with another association if there is one sets that membership fees will be charged
  • identifies the aims of the association/section (what it hopes to achieve)

If the group forms a section within a nurses’ association, negotiations should take place with that organisation’s officials to gain support for the formation of a section which will speak for midwives and support the aspirations of midwives.

Once a midwives’ association is formally organised, a constitution adopted and the membership wishes it, application for membership of the International Confederation of Midwives can proceed.