Advocacy Toolkit

Last Edited 18 December 2023 18:19 CET

Advocacy is the act of supporting a cause to effect change.

We might engage in advocacy because we are passionate about a cause or an issue and want to raise awareness or promote solutions. While some people influence policy and policymakers at the highest level to cause institutional changes, many of us are advocating at the grassroots levels by discussing these issues and engaging those around us in important conversations.

The ICM advocacy toolkit has been designed to be easy to understand and easy to use.

The toolkit has been put together to give midwives and associations the tools to advocate for increased resources for midwifery globally. The toolkit will also help midwives to raise awareness and educate their communities about certain health issues; to advocate for increased rights and protections for their profession; to amplify the voices and needs of midwives in their country and globally to key leaders and policymakers.

As an educational tool, this resource provides an introduction and guide to advocacy. It offers a clear overview of advocacy, based on the key questions: What? Where? Who? Why? and How?

The best way to use this toolkit is to read through each section, gain an understanding of advocacy, and refer to as you plan your advocacy activities. Remember, you might already be advocating on a small scale. If you want to develop our advocacy, this toolkit can help you to consider your audience, messaging and advocacy activities to strengthen your efforts, impact and outcomes.