ICM Midwifery Competencies Digital Learning Tool

ICM, Laerdal

Co-developed by ICM and Laerdal, the ICM Midwifery Competencies is a solution to help midwifery educators prepare students for clinical practice.

Using the SimCapture digital platform, students use low dose, high frequency peer-to-peer learning to practice clinical situations based on the ICM Essential Competencies. Facilitated by a mobile device, teachers get real-time feedback on students’ progress, as well as information on what skills need to be reviewed and practised in the classroom.

All the scenarios enable students to have conversations and reflect on respectful communication and consent, situational awareness, informed choice, diversity and equity.

Peer-to-peer practice

for more frequent hands-on training prior to graduation 

Measuring progress

with data that automatically tracks students’ performance, eliminating the need for manual processing 

Assign students learning activities

in accordance with the ICM’s Essential Competencies for Midwifery Practice

The learning tool currently features over fifty practice sessions (and growing!) covering pregnancy, labour, birth, the postnatal period, family planning and safe abortion. Learn more about the sessions here. The tool is currently available in English, with translations being planned in the near future.

For more information on the learning tool, please contact Laerdal.

Find out more about how the tool has helped students and teachers by watching this video.