IDM Contest

24 February 2023

Our first-ever IDM contest, featuring the best prize a midwife could ask for!  

In celebration of #IDM2023, we want to switch things up and provide women and other birthing people with the opportunity to thank and honour a midwife in their life.  

From 15 February to 1 May 2023, we’re asking anyone with a midwife in their life to post a photo of that midwife on Instagram along with a brief description of why that midwife deserves seven-day, all-expenses-paid trip to Bali, Indonesia and free access to the 33rd ICM Triennial Congress (June 11-14).  

Whether you work with a midwife, have used midwifery services or have a midwife friend or relative, we encourage you to enter the contest for a chance to provide this special person in your life with the experience of a lifetime!  

The winner of the Bali prize pack will be announced during our IDM event on 5 May 2023.

Here are the rules for the IDM 2023 Contest:  

  • Publish a photo of the midwife you’d like to send to Bali for the 33rd ICM Triennial Congress on Instagram between the period of 15 February to 1 May 2023. Along with the photo, include a short description (no more than 500 characters) about what makes this midwife special to you and the community of people they care for.  
  • Remember, only Instagram posts will be monitored; posts on other social media platforms will not be eligible.
  • To be eligible, you must tag @world_midwives and include the hashtags #IDM2023 and #TogetherAgain along with the photo and description. Your post may be in any one of ICM’s official languages: English, French or Spanish.  
  • You may only enter the contest once, meaning you cannot post a photo and corresponding description of more than one midwife.  
  • The winner of the contest will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Bali, Indonesia and passes to the 33rd ICM Triennial Congress (June 11-14) for the midwife represented in the photo. The all-expenses paid trip includes a return airline ticket (economy class) from the country where the winner is based, hotel accommodations for six nights, a daily per-diem, a travel allowance to cover the costs of transportation fees, visa fees and a pass to attend the Congress.   
  • The winner will arrive in Bali the day before the Congress Flag Ceremony (June 9) and leave the day after the Congress ends (June 15). The winner will be required to cover the costs of any travel they choose to take outside of this timeframe.  
  • ICM will work with the winner to manage the booking of their flights and accommodations. ICM will reimburse the winner for the costs of the visa, but the winner will be responsible for managing the visa application process. The daily per-diem of €35.00 will be provided for five days. For the two travel days (first and last day of the trip) the winner will be provided with a travel budget of €75.00 per travel day.
  • The winner of the contest will be selected by a randomized draw and announced at the IDM party hosted virtually on 5 May 2023.   
  • By participating in the contest, you are acknowledging that you have the right to share the photo and are giving express permission to ICM to use the photo during and after the contest, regardless of if you are selected as a winner or not. 
  • In the event that the winning midwife has already registered for Congress and/or purchased their airline ticket and hotel stay, ICM and its Congress management team will work with the contest winner to refund their costs. The contest winner will be required to prove these purchases by producing receipts of eligible expenses. ICM will only refund expenses within reason (i.e. what has been outlined in these rules as the contest prize). It will not refund luxury costs, such as business class airline tickets or hotel room upgrades.

**Contest winners are responsible for managing their visa application process, and ICM cannot guarantee that a visa will be granted. For more information about visas, please click here.

We can’t wait to review your submissions!

Visit IDM 2023 website to learn more.