Young Midwife Leaders

Supported by the Johnson and Johnson Foundation, the YML 2021-2023 programme is a part-time, online/in person, learning and professional development experience offered over two-years for 15 early-career midwives and 5 executive midwives from ICM's member associations. The programme aims to:

  1. Nurture the next generation of midwives by building young midwives’ skills, knowledge and confidence in leadership and advocacy.  
  2. Strengthen Midwives’ Associations globally.  
  3. Build a global community among young midwives to foster support and learning and create opportunities for research, innovation and advocacy.  
  4. Position and equip Young Midwife Leaders as advocates for the midwifery profession, as well as for sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender equality and human rights more broadly.  
  5. Empower young midwives to address some of the biggest global health challenges of today.


Partnership with Johnson & Johnson Foundation

In 2017, the Johnson & Johnson Foundation partnered with ICM to create the Young Midwife Leaders Program to provide selected young midwives with a unique opportunity to learn how to develop as leaders in their professional lives and the communities they work in. This two-year program empowers young midwives with leadership and advocacy competencies to enable them to become advocates for midwifery, maternal and newborn health, sexual and reproductive rights and gender equality around the globe.

Learn more about the YML Programme

  ➞ Access the YML Programme Information Booklet



Written by the YMLs and EMLs, the YML/EML blog serves to showcase the activities of programme's Community of Practice.
Kindly see below the purpose of the YML/EML CoP and its primary activities.
CoP purpose statement  

The YML/EML community of practice exists to strengthen midwifery leadership capacities and advocacy skills through sharing knowledge, experiences and building networks to shape global midwifery leaders in maternal new-born and adolescent reproductive health. 

The primary activities of the community are to; 

  • Strengthen midwifery leadership capacity  
  • Strengthen advocacy skills 
  • Share knowledge and experiences 
  • Build networks
  • Build professional global Midwifery leaders

2021-23 YML/EML Team

 Agnes Mwafulirwa

 Agnes Mwafulirwa a midwife educator who is passionate about teaching student midwives and…

Anitah Kusaasira

Kusaasira Anitah from Uganda registered midwife working with Mulago Specialized Women and…

Ashu Martha

Shu Martha is a Cameroonian, Registered Midwife and  blogger on Maternal and child health…

Asma Khatun

This is Asma Khatun,Goverment deployed  Midwife  of Benupur Union Sub Center, Gazipur,current…

Augustin Harushimana

Augustin Harushimana is a Burundian, Midwife the founder and chairperson of The Midwife…

Doreen Mwazani

I am Malawian registered nurse midwife working at kamuzu central hospital. Am passionate…

Edith Niber

Edith Niber is a Registered Ghanaian Midwife with the Tamale Teaching Hospital. She is positive…

Feri Anita Wijayanti

Feri Anita Wijayanti is a young and energetic midwife from Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia…

Fredrica Enyonam Hanson

I’m Fredrica Hanson a Ghanaian Registered Midwife, a qualified Registered Nurse and a Health…

Nakatudde  Hadijah

Nakatudde  Hadijah is a Ugandan ,Midwife Educator and Secretary National Midwives Association…

Hanifatur Rosyidah

Hanifatur Rosyidah is an Indonesian, a midwife with master's degree in Public Health from…

Jeffthanie Mathurin

Jeffthanie Mathurin is an Haitian,  
She’s a registered midwife and the communication…

Mahfuja Jhumu

My name Mahfuja Jhumu. I’m a registered midwife of Bangladesh and had been deployed in 2018.…

Oluwatoyin Akinlade

Oluwatoyin Akinlade, a registered and practising Nigerian Midwife who is passionate about…

Philip Chirwa

Philip Chirwa is a Lecturer at Chilubi Island College of Nursing and Midwifery and also…

Praise Dahunsi

Praise Dahunsi is a registered Nurse-Midwife in Nigeria with interests in advocacy and social…

Prasansa Budha Lama

Prasansa Budha Lama a Midwife Officer at Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital, and volunteering…

Rose-Cardelle B Riche

Rose-Cardelle B Riche is a Haitian. She is a registered midwife  and treasurer of the Association…

Sabita Khadka

My name is Sabita Khadka, from Nepal. I am very first batch of registered midwife and working…

Zakia Abdallahi

Zakia’s project focuses on advocating for respectful maternity care for midwives in Somalia.…


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