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ICM featured at the Clinton Global Initiative

5 October 2023

In September, during UNGA in New York, ICM was featured at the Clinton Global Initiative. We made a commitment to work on decreasing preventable maternal and infant deaths through educating and empowering midwives and midwives’ associations. Every year The Clinton Global Initiative convenes leaders, innovators and dreamers to make commitments to address issues facing humanity including climate change, health inequities and gender-based violence and discrimination. 

ICM’s Chief Executive Sally Pairman was present at the two-day event that showcased the importance of investing in sexual and reproductive health and rights, but also in tacking the challenges of gender inequality and climate change. The event was an opportunity to feature ICM and midwives, but also to meet new, potential partners who can help strengthen the profession, especially for strengthening to help deal with the challenges of climate change. 

CGI focuses on how to move forward in the face of daunting challenges – by acting now, finding new partners and sticking with it to make a positive difference in women’s lives. Midwives and ICM work in a similar way, and we are looking forward to our future collaborations.