ICM Board Visits Head Office in The Hague

19 October 2022

This past week, ICM Board Members travelled to ICM Head Office in the Hague to meet in-person for the first time in their tenure. Not only was it an opportunity for the Board to meet and work together, but it also served as a chance for ICM Head Office staff to connect and build relationships with the Board. 

The Board members completed Board evaluation tasks and took part in workshops on Gender and Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) topics, Governance, and Sustainability. ICM Head of Finance and Operations, Nickie Yeaman, updated the board on the second quarter finances, and ICM Chief Executive Dr. Sally Pairman updated the Board on recent changes and developments at Head Office. 

“It was so important for the ICM Board to have the opportunity to connect in-person after years of travel restrictions,” said ICM President Franka Cadée. “We have accomplished a great deal this week, and we’ve grown closer and stronger as a team.” 

Also, while in the Hague, ICM Board members participated in team building exercises with ICM’s Head Office Regional Teams, whose responsibilities in regional event-planning and communication serve to bridge the gap between ICM Member Associations (MAs), regional Board members, and ICM head office staff.  

A warm thanks to ICM Head Office Staff for hosting the Board for three productive, memorable days. A special acknowledgement to ICM Board Members, who volunteer their time and professional expertise to steer the direction of ICM.