History of Midwifery: Recapping ICM’s Centennial Party

4 October 2022

On Sept 20th, we brought our key partners and funders together to celebrate our 100th anniversary and the history and trajectory of ICM and midwifery. Unlike other celebrations and events over the past two years which have taken place exclusively online, we were able to host this intimate gathering in-person in New York, alongside the United Nations General Assembly.

UNGA is a busy week for the global health community — we wanted to ensure our event was low-key and celebratory, while still leveraging the opportunity to remind guests why a resourced ICM is vital to the strength of midwives’ associations and the growth and potential of midwifery. Throughout the week and during our centennial celebration, our message to funders and partners was clear: ICM and its midwives’ associations are well positioned to advance midwifery, and by advancing midwifery we can advance gender equality, sustainable health systems, sexual and reproductive health and rights and virtually every aspect of community well-being. We were proud to bring this message to the global stage and proud to do this work on behalf of midwives and midwives’ associations around the world.  

Thank you to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Johnson and Johnson Foundation, Laerdal Global Health and UNFPA for providing remarks during our celebration and for your continued support of ICM and midwifery.  

Cheers to the next 100 years of ICM and midwifery!  

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