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Prague 2014: 30th ICM Triennial Congress

1 June 2014 — 5 June 2014
Prague, Czech Republic
Hosted By: ICM

The 30th ICM Triennial Congress took place in the lovely city of Prague. Over 3800 delegates from a record of 126 countries gathered to discuss midwifery and the steps necessary to ensure high quality, women-centered midwifery care. The theme for the 2014 Congress was ‘Midwives: Improving Women’s Health Globally’, a theme which reflects MDG 5: To improve maternal health. Governments and global health organisations have recognized that midwives are an essential workforce to achieve MDGs 4&5 by 2015.


Voices of Midwives

‘Voices of Midwives’, a truly spectacular curtain-raiser for the ICM Congress, gathered 1563 midwives from over 100 countries, who sang along a 30 piece orchestra to raise awareness for midwifery. The world record was set for the highest number of midwives singing together! It was a beautiful and sunny day, and midwives from all over the world showed up dressed in their country colours, waving their national flags, clapping loudly, and singing along cheerfully. The air was filled with happiness, laughter and fun, and an atmosphere of joy and unity was felt by everyone in the park. Midwives from different countries who had become friends during past congresses greeted each other with hugs and smiles, songs and laughs – this was an inspiring event and opening to the Congress that couldn’t have been missed.