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ICM Regional Conference Europe

Midwives360: Associations for a changing world

7 November 2024 — 8 November 2024
Berlin, Germany
Hosted By: ICM

Join us at the ICM 2024 Regional Conferences!  

This year ICM will be hosting two regional conferences specially tailored for midwives seeking to enhance their skills beyond clinical practice, to build a successful midwife association. We’ll focus on important topics like leadership, finances, advocacy, and more. 

The Europe conference will bring together in Berlin midwives and stakeholders from the region. Our goal is to create a supportive and adaptable community in today’s ever-changing world. 

So why “Midwives360”? It symbolizes our approach to midwifery from every angle – a complete circle. This conference aims to break down borders, fostering collaboration, innovation, and shared learning among midwives. We believe in addressing the 360-degree spectrum of challenges and opportunities that midwifery presents. Expect an engaging exploration of various dimensions of midwifery. 

Key topics include using data for global advocacy, strengthening leadership, amplifying the impact of midwives’ associations, and exploring models of midwife-led care. We’ll also discuss supporting women in humanitarian crises, advocating for increased investment in midwives’ associations, and strategizing to reduce global maternal mortality. 

Our interactive formats, including workshops, and networking events, ensure diverse participation and actionable outcomes. Registration opens in March 2024—stay tuned for more information!