9 September 2020



Dear colleagues,   

Amidst World Breastfeeding Week and the COVID-19 pandemic, the ICM Board took the next step toward the development of the 2021-2023 triennial strategy. As part of this work, a series of meetings are planned to ensure the strategy development is a collaborative effort between Board Members. The strategy will also be informed through consultation with stakeholders, ICM staff and ICM’s Member Associations.

In an effort to strengthen ICM’s regions, two ICM staff members will now be allocated to each Region to work alongside the regional Board member to increase communication and collaboration between Member Associations in each region. The Board is excited about this new development — this is the first time the ICM Head Office and Board are working this closely together and combining skill sets to strengthen Regional support, ultimately empowering our Midwives’ Associations with improved communication channels. 

This progress couldn’t have been achieved without timely and frequent communication between ICM Head Office and its Member Associations. As a Board, we highly recommend every Member Association updateits contact details with ICM by reaching out to ICM Membership Coordinator, Charlotte Renard: [email protected] 

Kind Regards,

Hilma Shikwambi – ICM Board Member Representing Anglophone Africa sub-Region

On behalf of the ICM Board