How to become an ICM Member

Since its founding, ICM has grown from a small group of Midwives' Associations in western Europe to a major confederation of 143 autonomous Midwives' Associations from 124 countries around the world.

Members list 2020

Please find the full 2020 members list here.

Please find the full list of member countries per ICM region here. 

ICM has been given permission from its member associations to display their information publicly.


Membership brochure 

Please click here for the ICM Membership Brochure.

Application form 

Want to apply for membership?

Please click here for the Membership application form

Membership fee structure 

Please find the full membership fee calculation of 2020.

How to develop an association 

Please click here to find a guide on how to develop an association.

How to develop a constitution 

Please click here to find a guide on how to develop a constitution.  


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