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A Milestone for Maternity Care: BB Gårda, Sweden’s First Freestanding Midwifery Unit 

23 February 2024

In a groundbreaking move for maternal healthcare, Sweden proudly unveiled its first freestanding midwifery unit, BB Gårda, in late January 2024. This momentous occasion signals a revolutionary shift in birthing options for women across the country. Spearheaded by the remarkable duo of Cita Lundin and Johanna Sedeborn, alongside a dedicated team of six midwives, BB Gårda promises to redefine the childbirth experience, offering a unique space for women to embrace the power of giving birth. 

 The inauguration of BB Gårda was a joyous event attended by families, midwives, obstetricians, neonatologists, politicians, press and birth activists alike. Lia Brigante, the ICM Board Member for Europe, delivered an inspiring opening speech, emphasizing the importance of midwives as advocates for human rights, including when it comes to place of birth options. The president of the Swedish Association of Midwives and ICM Council Delegate, Eva Nordlund, also shared her thoughts on this historic and powerful moment for midwifery in Sweden. 

 BB Gårda aims to provide continuity of care, offering a space where women can navigate pregnancy and birth with confidence. This momentous step towards better midwifery-led services in Sweden reflects a collective commitment, led by inspiring and brave midwives like Cita and Johanna to making childbirth a positive and safer experience, especially when it comes to body autonomy, for all Swedish women. 

As BB Gårda paves the way for a new era in maternity care, the impact of this pioneering initiative extends beyond its physical walls. It stands as a symbol of progress, resilience, and a shared dedication to improving birthing and early parenting experiences for generations to come. 


The group picture includes Anja Lundström, chairman of the Swedish Midwives Association in Stockholm; Lia Brigante, the ICM Board Member for Europe; Charlotte Elvander, Malin Bogren, and Li Thies-Lagergren, members of the board of the Swedish Midwives Association – a united front committed to advancing midwifery-led services in Sweden.