Midwives' Voices, Midwives' Realities

The Midwives' Voices, Midwives' Realities report was published in 2016 and documents the voices and experiences of 2,470 midwifery personnel who provide care to childbearing women and their newborns in 93 countries.

The information was gathered through a multilingual participatory workshop combined with the largest global online survey of midwives to date. It highlights critical issues in the provision of quality midwifery care, describing the barriers experienced as well as solutions to improving care for women, newborns and their families.

The report was developed in collaboration with the White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) and the World Health Organization’s (WHO).

The full report: https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/250376/9789241510547-eng.pdf?sequence=1





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