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South Africa

The Society of Midwives of South Africa

President: Elgonda Bekker


The Conference Company
13 Claribel Road
4000 Durban
South Africa

Phone +27 82 890 6824 +27 21 914 2751 Email liza@confco.co.za www.midwivessociety.co.za
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Partners' Forum Opens in Johannesburg
Partners' Forum Opens in Johannesburg
30 June 2014

The 2014 PMNCH Partners' Forum convened leading global health professionals, policy makers, and advocates in Johannesburg, South Africa from 30 June to 1 July.

What is a midwife?
What is a midwife?
10 December 2013

During the ICM workshop in Cape Town participants discussed the different concepts they have about what a midwife is. 

Empowering midwives through knowledge
Empowering midwives through knowledge
3 December 2013

Update 6.12.2013: ICM held two workshops at the annual conference of the Society of Midwives of South Africa in Cape Town.

2nd - 7th December 2013

Cape Town, South Africa

HMS BAB training at Annual Congress of Midwives of South Africa

ICM is hosting an HMS BAB workshop during the annual conference of midwives in South Africa in Cape Town. 

2nd - 13th April 2014

South Africa

Midwifery in South Africa – A study tour

This tour includes a wide and enlightening range of professional visits that provide real insight midwifery and childcare in South Africa. Read about the last tour here. Visits examining Midwifery and Child Care are combined with many opportunities to learn about the culture and history of South Africa and to enjoy the country’s food, wine, wildlife and scenery. The midwifery visits have been organised by the Society of Midwives of South Africa. South Africa is a spectacularly beautiful country and the tour travels from Johannesburg to a safari lodge in the Kruger National Park to Hazyview and finishes in Cape Town. The tour is led by Professor Cathy Warwick of the British Royal College of Midwives. For further information contact info@jonbainestours.co.uk or + 44 (0)20 7223 5618.

4th - 7th August 2015

12th Annual Conference of Midwives of South Africa

Midwives changing South Africa one family at a time

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