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Colegio de Obstetras del Perú

President: Joel Neseforo Mota Rivera


Av. Parque José de San Martín 127, Pueblo Libre
Lima, 21

Phone +511 261 92 42 +511 261 67 43 Fax+511 261 67 43 Email asistentedecanato@gmail.com decanatonacional.cop@gmail.com www.colegiodeobstetrasdelperu.org
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26th - 28th June 2015

Lima, Peru

2nd International Congress "Challenges in Sexual and Reproductive Health Care" in Peru

El Colegio de Obstetrices del Peru (COP), ICM Member Association, is gathering national and international speakers at its 2nd International Congress: "Challenges in Sexual and Reproductive Health Care" from the 26-28 June 2015. The syllabus includes subjects such as maternal and newborn health, contraception, adolescent health, prevention of gynecological cancer, primary health care, among others.

The main objective of the Congress is to update, strengthen and consolidate skills aimed at improving the comprehensive health care and its impact on the betterment of maternal and perinatal health. It also seeks to exchange knowledge, experiences and professional challenges in the field of sexual and reproductive health. 

For more information, please contact pvn.nacional.cop@gmail.com

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