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ICM participation in meetings at the World Health Organization

ICM is participating in technical meetings this week for scoping recommendations on preterm birth and identifying research priorities for maternal and perinatal health (2014-2025) at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

The scoping meeting for WHO recommendations on preterm birth took place yesterday 24th April and focused on identifying the priority questions related to the prediction and prevention of preterm labour; management of preterm labour and birth; and the management of preterm infants. More than 15 million babies are born to soon every year and rates of preterm birth are rising. Prematurity is currently the leading cause of newborn deaths globally, babies who survive prematurity often experience a lifetime of disability. Approximately 1 in 10 babies are born preterm and prematurity affects families across the world. 

The WHO recommendations will facilitate strategic policy and programme development and ensure implementation of effective interventions to prevent and manage preterm births and care for preterm infants. These recommendations will enable enhance the survival rates and health outcomes of babies born to soon.

The meeting on research priorities for maternal and perinatal health (2014-2025) started today, 25th April and will continue tomorrow, 26th April. The first day was spent reviewing and complementing a list of research questions identified through a global online survey. The meeting which continues tomorrow will begin to prioritise the top research questions with a potential to improve maternal and perinatal health outcomes.


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