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Establishing a Culture of Leadership

Yesterday the initiation workshop for ICM/UNFPA – Young Midwifery Leaders Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean was conducted. The primary purpose of the LAC region Young Midwifery Leaders (YML) Program is to establish a culture of leadership within the member associations and regionally so that competent midwives and midwifery services are available to address the sexual and reproductive health needs for all women and newborns in the region. ICM has successfully implemented an international Young Midwifery Leaders program 2004-2007 and together with UNFPA identified the need to prepare young midwifery leaders for this region to assist in the development, expansion, and strengthening of midwifery education, regulation, and associations in each country. The Latin American Federation of Midwives (FLO) was selected to be the responsible organization for designing and implementing this new YML program with technical support from ICM and UNFPA partners.

Young Leadership Mentees and Mentors

The key organisers of the initiation workshop were Joyce Thompson, Ana Labandera, a key figure in the Latin American Midwives Association (FLO), Sandra Land UNFPA country office and Nester T. Moyo for ICM. The two ICM Board Members Frances Ganges and Mirian Solis and Luz Torres a key member of FLO, which is a body formed by a number of the Latin American countries and the Caribbean.
The initiation workshop took place yesterday, 23 April and today 24th. Thelaunch will be during the Conference on April 25. There are going to be 7 countries involved with 11 mentees and 10 mentors. Some countries have more than one mentee per mentor.

Argentina: the mentee Sivinia Sonaglioni and Alicia B. Cillo mentor. Chile: were Lina Cordova and Mribel Mella (mentees) and Hilda Bonilla, Anita Romana and Ivelise Segovia as mentors. Ecuador: Estrella Leon, Nathally Chamba and Lizeth Tapia - mentees and Erendira Betancourt and Jose Herera the mentors. Brazil: Carla de Almeda Vieira mentored by Celia Regina Maganha. Peru: Guiliana Mari Caycho Vasquez and Andrea Matos Orbegozo mentored by Mirian Solis and Joel Mota. Paraguay: Sandra Lopez mentored by Luz Torres. Uruguay: Fernanda Putti mentored by Baetriz Gimenez.

Joyce Thompson, Ana Labandera and Nester T. Moyo were the facilitators.

The mentors and mentees were taken through the programme explaining what is expected of them over the next 18 months. They developed strategic action plans which they will finalise and submit to the facilitators. The workshop was a very successful start to an 18 months journey which is likely to change the lives of midwives and women in the region. At the end of this Young Midwifery Leader Program, each LAC participant will be able to:
1. Discuss the need for midwifery leadership in their country and the region based on the ICM pillars of education, regulation, and association development
2. Articulate the key competencies needed for midwifery leadership
3. Demonstrate effective leadership within one’s midwifery association and/or regional meeting
4. Complete a leadership project that enhances the development and strengthening of professional midwifery in their country and the region
5. Participate in an ongoing network of midwifery leaders for continued leadership development.

 Workshop Facilitators

 The initiation workshop facilitators: Joyce Thompson, Ana Labandera and Nester T. Moyo (from left to right)

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