Back 13 March 2018

ICM Central European Members meet in Brussels

The regional meeting was attended by 18 participants from France, Luxembourg, Croatia, Austria, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Ireland, Slovenia and Romania. The meeting was organized by ICM Board member Serena Debonnet. ICM president Franka Cadee and ICM Board member Trude Thommesen were also present.

Different topics were presented and discussed, such as: 

      1. The new ICM Strategy 2017- 2020, the Agnes Geréb ICM- FIGO statement and the 2018 IDM Theme was presented. 

      2. Lisa Welcland gave a short update about her WHO representation in Geneva and Liselotte Kweekel from the KNOV presented the’ Twinning up North’ project.

      3. The ICM Pan European meeting 2019 Iceland was presented, participants liked the idea of the date being on IDM.

      4. A workshop with different topics around midwifery and women´s health was conducted

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