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Cyprus midwives humanise care for their pregnant women

Since my inauguration, the first midwifery association I have had the pleasure to visit officially was the midwives section of the Cyprus Nurses and Midwives Association. And what a pleasure it was to speak at their national congress in November, visit a maternity unit, discuss midwifery at the Ministry of Health and speak to midwife students! Cyprus counts some 280 dedicated midwives led by their President Stella Leontiou. Cyprus midwives are extremely proactive and optimistic under challenging circumstances and serious over-medicalisation.

President Cyprus speech 2017 Nov

Franka Cadée, ICM President giving a speech at the Cyprus Midwives National Congress

In Cyprus the maternity services are provided by the public and private sector. There are no community midwives, home births, or birthing centres (yet). Women in Cyprus receive no postnatal care after they leave the hospital. Only 20% of women have a midwife during birth. A consequence is a high medical intervention rate and Caeaserean section rate of more than 57%.  

Midwives in Cyprus are working hard to humanise maternity care in their country. In 2014 -2015 a Normal Birth Campaign initiated by the Midwives’ Committee resulted in a decision by the Ministry of Health to initiate the first Midwife led care unit in Limassol that will open its doors in 2019. During their congress there were high quality and inspirational presentations about Midwife Led Care, satisfaction of women with their care, delayed cord clamping, breast feeding and the importance of community midwifery.

President with MOH Cyprus Nov 2017

Franka Cadée, ICM President with Cyprus Ministry of Health officials

I want to congratulate our Cyprus midwife colleagues with their great accomplishments and stamina and look forward to hearing about their experiences after their first Midwife Led Unit opens.  

President Cyprus 2017 Nov group Nov 2017 Cyprus meeting

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