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Consejo General de Colegios de Enfermería de España (Vocalia Matrona)

The Spanish General Council of Nursing (CGE) is a professional organization with over 100 years of history. It is the regulatory body, as well as the competent authority and the integrator of nursing professionals gathered into a group committed to the health and wellbeing of citizens.
Obstetrical-gynaecological nursing in Spain (midwives) is a nursing specialty whose qualification is achieved after a specific education and training two-year course, subsequent to the four-year nursing degree, through an internship period in specialized healthcare centres and facilities. In this context, the Spanish General Council of Nursing promotes the development of nurses’ and midwives’ practice following ethical, scientific evidence, autonomy and professional accountability criteria with the primary goal of ensuring patient safety.



Calle Fuente del Rey, No. 2
Madrid, 28023

Phone +34 91 334 5520 Fax+34 91 334 5503 Email presidente@consejogeneralenfermeria.org a.souza@consejogeneralenfermeria.org jv.gonzalez@consejogeneralenfermeria.org www.consejogeneralenfermeria.org

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