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Icelandic Midwives' Association

The Icelandic Association of Midwives was founded in 1919 in Reykjavík. It aims to strengthen the midwifery profession. Perinatal death and maternal mortality have decreased dramatically in the last decades and are now amongst the lowest in the world. This is in part due to improved education amongst midwives. Almost all Icelandic midwives have a B.Sc. degree in Nursing and then a 2 years university midwifery education.

The main role of the Icelandic Association is to take care of work and professionally related issues regarding it´s members. Iceland is a small country and the members within the Icelandic Association of Midwives are subsequently few or 271 active licensed midwives and a few retired or working within another field. The Icelandic Association of Midwives is a member of ICM and of The Nordic Midwives Federation (Nordisk Jordmoderforbund NJF).


Borgartúni 6
Reykjavík, 105

Phone +354 595 5155 +354 861 6855 Fax+354 588 9239 Email formadur@bhm.is formadur@ljosmodir.is aslaugvals@gmail.com www.ljosmaedrafelag.is

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