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Competency Based Education Workshop

Twenty one participants from seven Caribbean countries (Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, St. Lucia and Trinidad/Tobago) attended the five day Competency Based Education Workshop for trainers. The workshop was led by four master teachers (Joyce Thompson, Catherine Carr, Rose Hutton-Taylor and Irene dela Torre).

The expected outcomes following the 5-day meeting include:

  1. An update on status of maternal/newborn health & midwifery in the Caribbean region;
  2. Verification of use of the ICM core documents in specific countries in the region & their impact on professional midwifery;
  3. Preparation/selection and adaptation of materials, tools, & other resources that support the preparation & evaluation of CBE Midwifery Trainers and CBE Master Midwifery Trainers
  4. Completion of a successful field test of a Train the Trainers workshop on competency-based teaching, learning & assessment strategies; and
  5. Identification of the technical support needed during 2014 for revision & adaptation of the CBE workshops, including translation of tools for other sub-regions and countries.

Each country team presented an action plan that included carrying out an in-country workshop to train midwives to be competency-based educators and trainers. A follow-up is planned to observe participants in their own countries as they conduct the workshop and to certify each as either a trainer or master trainer. The workshop was co-sponsored by CRMA/ICM/UNFPA-LACRO/PAHO-WHO and MCHIP.

Report prepared by Irene G. dela Torre, ICM Board Member for the Americas


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