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New Zealand Guard what you have

 “The rest of the world is still looking for what you have,” ICM Keynote speaker and Senior Midwifery Advisor Nester Moyo told nearly 900 midwives attending the New Zealand College of Midwives 12th Biennial National Conference in Wellington. The key international speaker at the Conference she said integration was critical to offer the best  midwifery care. She said from her observations New Zealand had the strongest integration she has seen in any country - it was one of the strongest points of the midwifery sector where midwives were running an institution in the middle of the community and women were looked after as part of the whole healthcare system.

Professor Sally Pairman, co-chair of the ICM Regulation Standing Committee also warned that “professional autonomy is not a stable state. If society no longer values what midwifery has to offer as a profession, it can remove its social mandate” she said.


New Zealand Midwifery praised  - TVOne interview, August 23, 2012

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