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Why is Africa still the world's most dangerous place to have a baby?

In the talk show Deliwe described the challenges many women in rural communities face such as infrastructure not letting them access health facilities and lack of education that prevents use of medicine such as contraceptives. She also shared a story illustrating challenges midwives face when women prefer treatment by a traditional healer and solutions for it. 

Also on the talk show was Professor Hans Rosling, the co-founder of the Gapminder foundation, who advocated for family planning as a means of poverty reduction using the example of China, a country that got rich implementing the rigorous two-child policy. Deliwe also emphasized the importance of family planning using the example of Sierra Leone, where only 17% are using contraception compared to Brazil with a rate of over 90%.

Deliwe at Al JazeeraShe also pointed out that contraception is an important tool in order to space births apart, so that the woman’s body can recuperate. Deliwe reminded the audience that bleeding after birth is still the main cause for maternal mortality; it is well trained and well equipped midwives who can prevent a high percentage of these deaths! “We need midwives now more than ever”, said Deliwe. Photo by Al Jazeera: from left to right: Talk show guest Sanjana Bhardwaj, the UNICEF chief of health, Talk show host Redi Tlhabi, and ICM Board Member Deliwe Nyathikazi. 

Watch the whole talk show here

About the Talk Show

South2North is a weekly talk show that tackles a mix of topics including politics, culture, music, health and science. While the show is fresh in that it offers a Global South perspective on current and international affairs, the issues discussed are of relevance to people across the world. Guests who have already appeared on South2North include: Malawian President Joyce Banda, IMF President Christine Lagarde, Senegalese President Macky Sall, Mobile Communications Entrepreneur Mo Ibrahim and his daughter Hadeel Ibrahim and South African business woman and rights activist Mamphela Ramphele.

Al Jazeera English reaches over 260 million households around the world, including 60 million people in Africa. Our viewers take a keen interest in global affairs including democratization, health and development.

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