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ICM Regional Midwife Adviser becomes Council President

Jemima has been appointed by government as the first President of the Council. The governing Council comprises a Chairperson, President and ten other members with the core responsibilities to ensure proper and effective performance of the functions of the College under a three year term.  Membership to the Council is by government appointment and it is on voluntary basis; members of such councils are assigned by virtue of their professional experience and ability to contribute to the national development of the professions involved.

The Vision of the Ghana College of Nurses and Midwives (GhCoNM) is to promote quality and higher Nursing and Midwifery education that will strengthen professionalism, clinical and managerial competence. The  College seeks to develop a cutting-edge cadre of higher level nurses and midwives as master clinicians that meet the nursing and midwifery needs of Ghana. This shall be through the specialist training and development of professional nurses and midwives in a variety of leadership roles in various disciplines of the professions to act as efficient and effective change agents to serve individuals, families, communities and society at large. 

It is our hope that as a midwife on this Council and in her leadership position there, Jemima will be able to advocate midwifery in the college which happens to be the first established one by any country in West Africa. Countries in the region have been discussing the establishment of such a college in the past several years and we are proud that Ghana has taken the initiative to be the pace-setter within this region and have included Midwifery right from the onset.

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