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Kyrgyzstan MOH approves Chief Midwife Post in the Ministry

Following the introductory meeting on Midwifery Services Framework (MSF) in 2016 and gap analysis exercise which was led by the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) team early 2017; the Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Health has approved a post of Chief Midwife in the Ministry to ensure strong presence and voice for the midwifery profession as well as active participation during policy discussions. Nazgul Shadybekova was nominated as the first Chief Midwife by the Kyrgyzstan Midwifery Association (KMA). Prior to the establishment of this post, all midwifery activities were overseen by the Chief Nurse. The KMA contributed tremendously in developing the job description for this post which was filled in September. The appointment shows that the MSF is having a positive impact on the governance of midwives and midwifery services in the country.   

Nazgul Kyrzgstan 2017 Chief Midwife

Nazgul Shadbekova presenting during the gap analysis workshop. She has recently been appointed Chief Midwife Advisor in the Ministry of Health

This position is very important for strengthening of comprehensive midwifery services in Kyrgyzstan. The KMA has developed into an independent, respected association whose experts are drawn upon as resources at the national level. As a result of sustained capacity building support, KMA has now greater ability to advocate for quality midwifery services and to represent midwives’ interests in the country, including through the MSF process. The association has also emerged as reliable partner for the Ministry of Health and development partners working in the field of maternal and child health. 

Nazgul Shadybekova was born and raised in Kerben in Jalal-Abad oblast city of Kyrgyzstan. After graduating in 2001 from Mailuu - Suuy Medical College, she began her career in the maternity ward of the territorial hospital in Kerben. For 5 years Nazgul worked independently in the maternity ward because there was no obstetrician-gynecologist in Kerben. This experience made her to acquire good practical knowledge and skills.

Since 2006 Nazgul has been working as a midwife and was later appointed as senior midwife in Clinical Maternity Hospital in Bishkek. Moreover, she is a national certified trainer in the following programs: "Primary newborns resuscitation", "Helping Babies Breath", "Effective Perinatal Care", "Emergency obstetrics care", "Essential Care for Every Baby", "Essential Care for Small Baby" and provides practical and theoretical trainings to her colleagues.

The board of the KMA would like to express their deep gratitude to all national and development partners in supporting the professional association. 

Nazgul Kyrzgstan 2017 Chief Midwife 2

Nazgul Shadbekova, training midiwves on Helping Babies Breath (HBB)


Background: MSF implementation in Kyrzgstan

Following an expression of interest by the Ministry of Health in late 2015, Kyrgyzstan was one of six countries selected by ICM for the first round of MSF implementation. The process kicked off in July 2016 with a national workshop, which brought together more than 50 key actors in the field of maternal and child health. This was followed by a Midwifery Gap Analysis Workshop, held in March 2017, which sought to establish a baseline about midwifery practice in Kyrgyzstan and to inform the development of a three-year strategic plan for the KMA. Technical working groups are taking the work forward, with continuing input from ICM and a MSF National Coordinating Committee at the Ministry of Health.

GIZ is supporting the MSF implementation in Kyrgyzstan in collaboration with Kyrzgstan Midwives Association, Ministry of Health and UNFPA. The Midwifery Services Framework (MSF) for developing Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health (SRMNH) Services by Midwives is a tool developed by International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and partners to support the development and strengthening of midwifery services across all countries focusing on quality midwifery workforce. To learn more about MSF click HERE

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