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Empowering Tajikistan midwives through leadership and advocacy

As part of the ICM's strategy on strengthening midwives associations' capacity with the support from GIZ and Tajikistan Country Office, a leadership and advocacy workshop was conducted in Tajikistan in the last week of September. 

The objectives of the workshop were:

- To build the capacity of Tajikistan Midwives Association (TMA) Leadership

- Improve advocacy skills of TMA members

- Create personal leadership development plans

- To asses the capacity of TMA using ICM Member Association Capacity Assessment Tool (MACAT)

- To create an intervention plan for TMA based on gaps identified

ICM, Tajik and GIZ 2017

ICM Midwifery Advisors, Pashtoon Zyaee and Martha Bokosi receiving present from Tajikistan Ministry of Health. Looking on is Abdurahmonova Zuhro (L), President of TMA and Christoph Bunge (C), Head of GIZ Health Program in Tajikstan

Participants in the workshop were midwives from all parts of Tajikistan. The expected outcomes include - smooth running of association activities, engagement of its members and creating a positive image of the association, strong leadership, increase in external interaction including participation in planning, policy formulation and improved Maternal New-Born Health Care.

During the workshop the TMA held elections and elected the following members to the Association's Executive Board:-

- Abdurahmonova Zuhro, President

- Rustamova Zarina, First Vice President

- Nurova Malohat, Second Vice President

- Sangova Qurbongul, Treasurer

- Fayzulloeva Mohira, Secretary 

Tajikistan midwives elections

Newly elected Executive Board members of the Tajikistan Midwives Association (L-R) Nuova Malohat, 2nd Vice President;  Abdurahmonova Zuhro, President; Rustamova Zarina, 1st Vice President; and Fayzulloeva Mohira, Secretary

As for Provincial Representatives the following were elected:-

Sughd Province - Mashakerava Maujuda

GBAO Province - Zulfova Oina

Khatlan Province - Neso 

Group photo Tajik midwives

 Midwives from Sughd Province in a group photo with ICM representatives 

The ICM team led by Midwives Advisors Pashtoon Zyaee and Martha Bokosi also had an opportunity of visiting two provinces and held meetings with a group of midwives where they discussed the role of ICM and member associations in advocating for Reproductive Maternal New-Born and Child Health issues. 

Tajik midwives presenting 2017

Tajikistan midwives presenting during the workshop

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