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Member Associations give feedback on the Global Midwives Association Map

ICM in collaboration with Direct Relief launched and presented the Global Midwives Association map during the council meeting in Toronto, Canada. The map was presented to more than 150 ICM delegates and published the ICM website and through social media. Since its launch in June, ICM conducted a survey to seek feedback from Member Associations about how to improve the information provided in the map.  

ICM would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members who responded to the survey. Your participation and feedback has been very helpful and we are already working towards implementing your suggestions and updating the map.

Summary of feedback:  

According to majority of respondents who accessed the map, found it very informative and interactive tool. It constitutes a good platform to look at and compare midwifery, maternal and newborn data in country and between countries. They further said, the map can be used as a tool to help midwives advocate for improved midwifery services in their countries. Morever, some respondents said that the map is a good place to gather information on midwifery country profiles. It unites midwives globally through sharing key information and opportunity of learning from each other.

Main issues that came across while using the map were:

-  Language barrier: the map is currently available in English only. Members would also prefer the map to be translated in French and Spanish.
-  Incomplete or wrong data in some countries.
-  Source of data are missing in some countries.
-  The story map window needs to be more visible on the front page, as it is now it can be accessed through the ICM Member Midwives Associations window. 
-  The Add Midwifery Information to the Map button (window) does not work when the other buttons (window) are opened. 
-  More orientation is needed on how to use the map and understand the purpose of the map

We also realized that members were not aware of the full potential of the map, for instance - the data portal that can help you in extracting, analysing and use the data on the map. The map is not only a tool for data visualizing but also for data analysis.

ICM and Direct Relief ‘s response:

ICM and Direct Relief are working towards incorporating the suggestions and solving the issues raised. The immediate issues to work on are as follows:

-  The map should be available in French and Spanish.
-  Develop a map user manual: The manual would explain how to use the map, define the different functionalities of the map, highlight how the map can assist in different aspects of midwifery profession.
-  Collect the data for all the countrys’ members in order to provide a complete and rich map: to achieve this, ICM will soon run the map survey with the member associations. We kindly ask all the members to participate in collecting data, sharing them and be as accurate as possible. The survey will be conducted once every three years. 
-  Add source on the data provided on the map, this can be done through the Add Midwifery Information to the Map button 

 To access the map, click here

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