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Board Communiqué

The ICM Board meets face-face annually and via electronic technology at other times. The Board has a governance role and each meeting involves discussion of issues, receipt of reports, monitoring of finances and the business plan and making decisions about matters and activities related to the Confederation. The Board held it annual face-to-face meeting on 9-11 June 2017 at the Westin Harbour Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, just prior to the triennial Council meeting.  This is in accordance with the By-laws which state that the Board shall meet face to face every three years at the time of the triennial Council.   All Board Members attended along with the new Chief Executive, Dr Sally Pairman, Council Administrator, Donnica Henry-Frijlink, and Advocacy and Operations Manager,  Scarlett Hawkins.  The Board meeting focused on the business of the Confederation, preparation for Council and Congress and:

- received and reviewed a draft unqualified report from the external auditors, a final report will be received at the end of June;

- received and reviewed the 1st Quarter 2017 Financial report;

- received and approved the 2016 Annual Report

- received and welcomed the 1st Quarter 2017 Business Plan Monitoring report, which is on target;

- received an update on ICM headquarters activities, outputs and outcomes from the Chief Executive that addressed staffing, cost-saving measures and highlighted ongoing and potential projects;

- received and accepted the Executive Committee’s report on activities over the previous year: representation, finance and advocacy;

- received and accepted regional reports from Board Members;

- received and accepted the Treasurers  report on the newly constituted Finance and Risk Committee (FARC), advising that the new members had already brought innovative ideas to enhance ICM financial management.

- Received and discussed the CE’s draft report on the recent Member Association Survey, completed by 87 MAs, noting that further analysis will be done before finalization. The Board welcomed and commended the initiative;

- reviewed the honoraria for Executive Board Members as well as per diem and telecommunication allowances for Board members in line with cost-saving measures;

- received and accepted reports from the ICM Education, Regulation and the Research Standing Committees;
approved recommendation for new members and termination of membership of one MA;

- received updates, from the ICM Congress Manager, on the 2017 Toronto Congress (4,200 delegates registered), the 2020 Bali Congress planning and noted bids to host 2023 Congress have been received from the Midwives Section of the Emirates Nursing Association (Abu Dhabi), Colegio de Matronas y Matrones de Chile (Chile) and German Association of Midwives;- approved the Bali congress high-level budget,set the registration and capitation fees and early Bonus discount;

- received updates on ICM ongoing projects and reports on Global partnerships (ICN, PMNCH, WHO);

- prepared for 2017 Council by reviewing Council papers, preparing for Board-led discussions and workshops including those on essential competencies and strategic directions for 2017-2020; and

- prepared for Congress by discussing plenary sessions, Board Member roles, scheduling, opening and closing ceremonies and side events including the March for More Midwives.

The Board is looking forward to welcoming over 4,000 midwives and our partners to Congress.

The Board notes that this is the final meeting of the 2014-2017 Board.  It has been our privilege to represent you and we thank those who have supported ICM during this dynamic triennium.

Former board members 2017

Seating front (l-r) Ingela Wiklund (Treasurer), Frances Day-Stirk (President) and Address Malata (Vice President).  

Middle row (l-r) Jemmima Dennis-Antwi (Africa Region), Rafat Jan (Asia-Pacific region), Irene de la Torre (Americas region), Sandra Oyarzo Torress (Americas region) and Rita Borg-Xuereb (Europe region).                        

Back row (l-r) Serena Debonnet (Europe region), Sue Bree (Asia-Pacific region), Mary Kirk (Asia-Pacific region) and Laurence Monteiro (Africa region)


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32nd ICM Triennial Congress 2020 - Bali, Indonesia 21-25 June


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