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Requests for comments on the revision of two definitions - skilled attendant at birth and maternal death

The ICM President, Frances Day-Stirk is pleased to anounce that a general "call for comments" and an online consultation is open to all stakeholders. You are invited to respond and send comments on the following documents:-

1. A proposal to update the maternal death definition

2. The revision of the 2004 ICM/WHO/FIGO statement on skilled attendance 

Comments will be compilied in order to revise the statement with an aim to improve the reporting and measurement of this indicator. 

Please submit all your comments to on the following:

1. The draft of the proposed revision of definitions of maternal deaths is available at

2. The draft Statement and accompanying background document Revision of the 2004 ICM/WHO/FIGO Statement on the skilled attendant is available at

To read the full letter click HERE

The deadline for comments is 31 March 2017

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