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Congratulations to ICM's two recipients of the Dorothea M Lang Award, 2012

Congratulations to ICM's two recipients of the Dorothea M Lang Award, 2012
Frances Ganges MPH, CNM | ICM Board Member Americas Region Frances is also Director, Technical Oversight and Support at the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA). Frances has been involved with numerous global programs, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. A midwife with more than 25 years' experience, her experience spans 20 countries in reproductive, community and maternal-newborn health projects with US and international organizations, including several midwifery associations.

Debrah Lewis RN LM CNM MSC | ICM Vice-President Debrah is a former ICM Board member, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Midwives Association and a member of the Nursing Council. She is a founding member of the Trinidad & Tobago Association of Midwives and Midwife/Director of the Mamatoto Resource & Birth Centre. She has been a nurse for 34 years and a midwife for 26 years. She worked variously in New York, other countries, and served on multiple committees in the Ministry of Health, Nursing Council and other Non-Governmental organizations.

The Dorothea M. Lang Pioneer Award honors an exceptional CNM/CM who meets the following criteria.

1. Pioneering midwives who after 1958 demonstrated what midwifery care could and should be on the health team 

2. Pioneering efforts to integrate midwives/midwifery into the health care system within the United States or internationally
3. Unsung heroes who initiated/rescued/enhanced/saved midwifery services or educational programs or are working to accomplish these goals
4. Visionaries who encouraged/created open-minded pathways in education for professional midwives or are working to accomplish this goal
5. Energetic anticipants who have furthered or are furthering the legislative agenda for ACCcertified midwives – CMs/CNMs full scope of practice on the team
6. Pioneers in other unique ways, with the approval of the Dorothea M. Lang Pioneer Committee


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